Keys2Drive The AAA Guide to Teen Driver Safety
Getting Ready

Getting Ready

Worried. Excited. Anxious. It’s normal to feel a range of emotions when thinking about your teen behind the wheel. But don’t be overwhelmed. You are not alone as you prepare your teen to be a safe and smart driver. AAA's Dare to Prepare online workshop can give you useful information and recommendations every step of the way.

  • Understand the Facts & Risks

    Understand the Facts & Risks

    Why are teen drivers at such risk? What increases this risk? What can I do to keep my teen safe? MORE

  • Licensing Process

    Licensing Process

    What is my state’s licensing process? When can my teen get a learner’s permit? What is a provisional license? MORE

  • Insurance


    When do I need to add my teen to my insurance? What can I do to lower insurance costs? MORE

  • Driver Education

    Driver Education

    Why should my teen be enrolled in education? Are there state requirements for driver training? How do I pick a high-quality program? MORE

  • Teen Driver Distraction

    Teen Driver Distraction

    If you are worried about your teen texting and driving or riding with distracted teen drivers, research shows you have every reason to be. Learn more about distracted driving and what you can do to help keep your teen safe. MORE

  • Key Points for Parents

    Key Points for Parents

    How can I help my teen develop safe driving habits? What should I be doing now? MORE

  • Teen's Role

    Teen's Role

    What are my teen’s roles and responsibilities in the learning-to-drive process? MORE