Keys2Drive The AAA Guide to Teen Driver Safety
Teen's Role

Teen's Role

Before solo driving begins, make sure your teen driver understands the responsibilities of safely operating a vehicle, and is in agreement to do the following:

  • Obey the speed limit, always wear a safety belt, don’t drive when fatigued and avoid distractions and aggressive driving.
  • Check in prior to every trip to give you the destination, route and time expected home. If your teen wants to drive with a passenger, you must provide permission first.
  • Make smart decisions about being a passenger, such as asking your permission before riding with a new teen driver, avoiding riding in cars with multiple teen passengers, never riding with distracted, drinking or drugged drivers and always wearing a safety belt.
  • Call you for a ride if there is any concern regarding safety.
  • Know how to appropriately respond to peer pressure
  • Be responsible for any passengers in the vehicle to ensure they buckle up and ride without distracting the driver.
  • Continue to practice driving with you, especially before trying an unfamiliar driving situation like rush-hour traffic, city driving, narrow country roads, night driving or poor weather.
  • Keep the car clean and full of gas, among other family rules.
  • Abide by your family’s parent-teen driving agreement.

 When the policeman brought her home, he told me that Leslie was driving around the neighborhood with the music up really loud and kids hanging out of the windows...

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