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How to Help with the Family Car

How to Help with the Family Car

Already know how to wash the family car and check the oil? Ready for more responsibilities?

Driving isn’t just about how you behave behind the wheel of the car. It’s also about properly maintaining your vehicle. Take good care of your car and you can improve its reliability, keep it looking good and be safer on the road.

If you take good care of your car, it will take better care of you. Basic maintenance will help keep the car running smoothly and safely, as well as keep it looking good.

Owning a car can be expensive. Here’s how you can save money, help the earth, and stay safe.

  • Drive the speed limit.
  • Avoid excessive idling when you start the car.
  • Accelerate smoothly and at a reasonable pace.
  • Avoid slamming the brakes unnecessarily.
  • Maintain a safe, constant cruising speed.



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