Keys2Drive The AAA Guide to Teen Driver Safety
Practice Sessions

Practice Sessions

Learning to drive is like many other activities — playing sports, video games or a musical instrument, for example — you have to practice to get better.

Practice, practice, practice. You might think you will get enough experience through driver education, but that’s not the case. Kentucky law requires you to complete 60 hours of supervised practice driving with your parents. AAA suggests you complete at least 100 hours. 

  • Start with the basics — sit in the car, learn where everything is and what everything does. Take a look at the owner’s manual, too.
  • Talk to your parents about what to expect, so you can avoid misunderstandings or arguments on the road.
  • Start practicing with simple driving in an open parking lot or a quiet neighborhood street. As you get better at controlling the vehicle, try more challenging roadways.
  • Practice in a variety of conditions.
    • Highways
    • City streets
    • Rainy weather
    • Nighttime
    • Heavy traffic

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