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North Dakota Driving Laws

North Dakota Driving Laws

Here’s information about some North Dakota laws and how they can affect teen drivers.

North Dakota State MapDriving Under the Influence in North Dakota

In North Dakota, drivers age 21 and over with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or more can be charged with a driving under the influence (DUI) violation. Drivers under age 21 with a BAC of .02-.07 face administrative license suspension under the state’s “zero tolerance law.” With a BAC of .08 or greater, violators can be charged with DUI.
Under 21 DUI
  • Payment of a fine of $250 or more.
  • License suspension for up to 180 days for a first conviction for driving under the influence. A driver may be eligible for a restricted license after serving 30 days of the suspension.
  • Mandatory alcohol evaluation and possible alcohol treatment program.
  • If under age 18, driver must re-enroll and complete all required driver education requirements.
North Dakota alcohol purchase, consumption or possession law
  • A person under the age of 21 who is found guilty of a violation of state law or local ordinance relating to illegal consumption, possession, purchase or receipt of alcohol, faces penalties that can result in the suspension of his or her driving privileges, plus:
  • Performance of community service.
  • Participation in a substance abuse course.
  • Alcohol violations involving operating a motor vehicle can result in license suspension.

Driver, Passenger and Child Passenger Safety Belt Laws

Here’s a summary of the passenger restraint laws in North Dakota:
  • Safety belts are required for all front-seat passengers.
  • Children ages 7 until 18 are required to be properly secured in an approved child restraint system or safety belt.
  • Children under age 7 and also under 57” and 80 pounds are required to be properly secured in a child restraint system.
  • Failure to comply with North Dakota passenger restraint laws can result in a fine of $25 and 1 point on your driving record.

North Dakota Speed Limit Laws

Unless otherwise posted, the speed limits on North Dakota roadways are as follows:
  • Rural Interstates: 75 mph
  • Urban Interstates: 75 mph
  • Other Limited Access Road: 70 mph
  • Other Roads: 65 mph

Violations of North Dakota Speed Limit Laws can result in fines set by the court and assessment of the following points to your driving record: 

  Speed Zones Less Than
70 mph
Speed Zones More Than
70 mph
1 Point 11-15 mph above limit 6-10 mph above limit
3 Points 16-20 mph above limit 11-15 mph above limit
5 Points 21-25 mph above limit 16-20 mph above limit
9 Points 26-35 mph above limit 21-25 mph above limit
12 Points 36-45 mph above limit 26-35 mph above limit
15 Points More than 45 mph above limit More than 35 mph above limit