Driver Education

Even though Arizona youth are not required to take driver education, don’t pass up this critical step. Teens have the option of completing a driver’s education course or completing 30 hours of supervised practice driving, at least 10 of which must be at night.  Of course, you’ll learn more if you take the class AND get lots of practice driving with your parents.

Find a Program Right for You

  • Look for a quality school that focuses on safety, rather than cost, convenience or just passing the test.
  • Ask around. Does your high school offer driver education? Check with your friends and neighbors about driver education programs they’ve used.
  • Ask your parents to call and visit several driving schools. They can ask specific questions about operations, curriculum and training vehicles and ask for references.
  • Don’t settle for schools that advertise a quick or easy driver education program—focus on quality.

What You Can Learn

  • The rules of the road and how to control a vehicle.
  • How to combat distracted driving.
  • How to drive defensively, anticipate dangers and minimize risk.
  • What it means to be a safe, courteous and fuel-efficient driver.
  • What’s needed to pass a driving test.
Quality Driving Schools Requirements for Schools Displaying the AAA Symbol
Require instructors to complete ongoing education. Newer, well-maintained driver training cars.
Have reasonable student-teacher ratios. Up-to-date training materials.
Are members of professional associations such as American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association and Driving School Association of the Americas. Professionally trained instructors.
Want, encourage and facilitate parental involvement. A record of good business practices.
Have a solid history of resolving complaints to their customers' satisfaction. Discounts to AAA members.

  • Choosing a Driving School – This printable guide has lots of tips about picking the right driving school. Be sure to share it with your parents.
  • Becoming the New Driver in Your Family – This brochure outlines tips and responsibilities of being a safe driver.
  • Driver-ZED – Offered by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Driver-ZED is a computer-based program to help you practice driving.