Understand the Facts & Risks

Learning to drive and earning your driver’s license is a big step toward becoming independent. However, driving is a major responsibility that can change your life, or even end it, in a flash. When you know the facts and act responsibly, you can reduce the risks.

Get the Facts Reduce the Risks
The first year with a license is the most dangerous period in a driver’s life. Practice driving with an experienced driver, such as your parent or a driver training instructor.
About two-thirds of teens killed in car crashes are not buckled up. Always wear your seat belt, whether you're a passenger or driver. Make sure everyone in the vehicle buckles up, too.
Rain, darkness and other driving conditions can create dangerous situations. Ask your parents to practice with you in cities and on country roads, as well as in the rain, at night and in heavy traffic.
Distracted driving can be deadly. Make it a rule: if the car's engine is on, the phone stays off. Don't let other diversions, like eating, joking with passengers or fiddling with music devices, distract the driver, either.