Driver Education

Ready to commit the time and effort needed to learn to drive? Then it’s time to find a quality driver training program.

In Illinois, most public high schools must offer driver education and behind-the-wheel training.

Find a Program Right for You

  • Look for a quality driving school that focuses on safety, rather than cost, convenience or just passing the test.
  • Ask around. Does your high school offer driver education? Check with your friends and neighbors about driver education programs they’ve used.
  • Ask your parents to call and visit several driving schools. They can ask specific questions about operations, curriculum and training vehicles and ask for references.
  • Don’t settle for schools that advertise a quick or easy driver education program—focus on quality.

What You Can Learn

  • The rules of the road and how to control a vehicle.
  • How to combat distracted driving.
  • How to drive defensively, anticipate dangers and minimize risk.
  • What it means to be a safe, courteous and fuel-efficient driver.
  • What’s needed to pass a driving test.
Quality Driving Schools
Require instructors to complete ongoing training.
Have reasonable student-teacher ratios.
Are members of professional associations such as American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association and Driving School Association of the Americas.
Want, encourage and facilitate parental involvement.
Have a solid history of resolving complaints to their customers' satisfaction.

  • Choosing a Driving School – This printable guide has lots of tips about picking the right driving school. Be sure to share it with your parents.
  • Becoming the New Driver in Your Family – This brochure outlines tips and responsibilities of being a safe driver.
  • Driver-ZED – Offered by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Driver-ZED is a computer-based program to help you practice driving.