Understand the Facts & Risks

More teens die in car crashes than by cancer, homicide or suicide – and many of them are passengers of other teen drivers. So even if you’re not driving yet, learn what you can do to be safe on the road.

Get the Facts Reduce the Risks
Riding with new teen drivers can be dangerous. Don't do it unless you have to.
Riding at night with a new teen driver can be even more dangerous. Again, don't do it unless you have to.
Distracted driving can be deadly. Don't ride with drivers who think it's ok to text, talk on the phone, look at passengers or otherwise take their focus off the road.
Seat belts save lives. Most teens wear their seat belts. Make a rule: Everyone buckles up for every trip.

  • Driver-ZED – Offered by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Driver-ZED is a computer-based program to help teens practice driving.
  • Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) – Learn more about the state’s graduated driver licensing process.