Understand the Facts & Risks

Driving a car is a huge responsibility, but if you’ve gone through the steps outlined in this website, you’ve got the facts to help you make good decisions. Bottom line: remember to be smart, safe and responsible.

Get the Facts Reduce the Risks
Seat belts save lives, and most teens wear them. Make a rule: Don't start driving until everyone in your car buckles up.
Rain, snow, darkness, heavy traffic and other driving conditions challenge all drivers. You and your parent should keep practicing together under these conditions.
Peer pressure can be dangerous on the road. Prepare for peer pressure related to driving with some helpful tips.
Distractions are a factor in up to 8 in 10 crashes. When you're behind the wheel, don't get distracted by things like eating, texting, talking on your phone or joking with passengers.
Speeding leaves less time to react to surprises on the road, and crashes are more severe. Driving the speed limit is the smart thing to do, and it's kinder to your wallet and the environment, too.
Driving at night doubles your chance of a deadly crash. The danger increases when other teens are with you. Avoid driving or riding with a teen driver at night, especially with more than one friend in the car.
Driving with young passengers multiplies your risk of being in a crash. Setting passenger limits (and sticking to them!) will help keep you focused on safe driving.