Understand the Facts & Risks

Everybody is at Risk.rEvery day, car crashes end more teen lives than cancer, homicide and suicide combined. Based on miles driven, teen drivers are involved in three times as many fatal crashes as all other drivers. Children’s risk of being hurt in a crash begins to increase as early as middle school age when they ride with older siblings, teen neighbors and siblings of their friends. Even the best and brightest teen drivers have increased risk of being involved in a deadly crash compared with experienced adult drivers.

You can make a difference. According to research, teens value the opinions of their parents most of all (even if it doesn’t always seem like it). That’s why sharing your knowledge about safe driving is so important. Now is the time to begin a potentially life-saving dialogue with your teen, setting and enforcing rules, and modeling safe and responsible driving to avoid crashes.

Get the facts Reduce the risks
Teen passenger fatalities Your child faces high crash risks when riding with a teen driver. Set limits and enforce them.
Teens in cars at night Your child's crash risk is even higher when riding with a teen driver at night. Don't allow it unless it's unavoidable.
Seat belt usage Wearing a seat belt greatly reduces the risk of being hurt or killed in a crash. Make a rule: everyone buckles up for every trip.