Understand the Facts & Risks

Risks of Teen DriversThe single most important step you can take to protect the life of your teen is to be actively involved in the learning-to-drive experience. Supervised driving – practice driving with you in the passenger seat as coach – is actually some of the safest driving your teen will do. By teaching under low-risk conditions and gradually introducing new roads and traffic conditions, you help your teen gain needed experience through practice driving. Supervised driving will also help you gauge your teen’s progress toward solo driving. Even though your teen might be old enough to get a license, you guide the learning-to-drive process and ultimately decide when your teen is ready.

Be the solution. Understanding the risks and knowing the facts will prepare both you and your teen for the road ahead.

Get the Facts Reduce the Risks
Inexperience: the first year with a license is the most dangerous period in a driver's life. Practice driving under varied conditions. Establish a parent-teen driving agreement to help manage the process.
Safety belt use Teen safety belt use trails behind adults' usage. Set a good example by requiring everyone to buckle up.
Driving conditions Work to expose your teen to various weather and traffic conditions, as well as road types.
Distracted driving Many teens admit to cell phone use and texting while behind the wheel, despite clear dangers. Make a family rule that everyone abides by.