Find specific teen driver information you need quickly. Or learn in more detail.

Dreaming about driving? Are you taking driver ed now? Or maybe you already have your license? Learning to drive is an exciting process for you and your parents, and AAA has tools and information to help. Check out the links below to get a “quick start” finding some of the top things you’ll want as you prepare to become a safe, successful driver.

Click the links below for information related to each step of the three main learning-to-drive stages.

Before You Start Driving

Learn about the licensing process, your role and what you and your parents should be doing to get ready. Learn More >>

Top Things You Need to Know

Learning to Drive

Find out what you should be doing now to become a safe driver and successfully get your license. Learn More >>

Top Things You Need to Know

Driving On Your Own

You’re driving by yourself now, but there’s still more that you need to learn. Learn More >>

Top Things You Need to Know

  • Parent-Teen Driving Agreement – Signing a formal agreement with your teen helps in multiple ways.
  • State Licensing Process – Learn about the licensing process in your state.
  • AAA StartSmart – Newsletters, webisodes and other activities can help you work through driving risks and challenges.
  • Dare to Prepare – AAA’s Dare to Prepare focuses on understanding why teens crash, how your state’s graduated driver licensing system works, why you should complete a parent-teen driving agreement, what to look for when choosing a vehicle and more.
  • Choosing a Driving School – Courses at driving schools are designed to teach new and teen drivers fundamental skills required to drive a motor vehicle. This printable guide has lots of tips about picking the right driving school. Be sure to share it with your parents.