Teaching Your Teens to Drive
Parents and teens are encouraged to watch each of the 13 lessons contained in the 50-minute interactive program together before taking to the road.
Parent-Teen Driving Agreement
AAA suggests teens and their parents sign a driving agreement to help set realistic expectations about your responsibilities and how you'll progress to gain new driving freedoms.
This computer program helps new teen drivers recognize and avoid driving hazards to achieve Zero Errors Driving (ZED). Using real video footage, you'll learn to scan, spot and act to avoid hazards in various highway, country, in-town and work zone settings.
Dare to Prepare
AAA’s Dare to Prepare focuses on understanding why teens crash, how your state’s graduated driver licensing system works, why you should complete a parent-teen driving agreement, what to look for when choosing a vehicle and more.
Choosing a Driving School
This printable guide has lots of tips about picking the right driving school. Read through it — and share it with your folks.
Becoming the New Driver in Your Family
This brochure provides tips and outlines responsibilities for being a safe teen driver.
AAA StartSmart
Newsletters, webisodes and other activities can help you work through driving risks and challenges.