Supervised Driving

Helping Your Teen Learn to Drive

Mentor. Leader. Coach. Partner. You’ll assume all these roles as your teen works through steps to become a responsible, safe driver. Supervised driving is the first of those steps. From finding a quality driving school to helping your teen earn a learner’s license and supervised driving to strengthening your teenage driver’s skills and knowledge, AAA can help you and your teen get started.

Find helpful information about how teens can become safe drivers in “Understand the Facts & Risks,” which lists teenage driving statistics and how you can overcome risks by instilling safe driving practices in your new driver. “Licensing & State Laws” details Ohio’s driver’s license process, which eases your teen into being a safe driver. Not sure where to start with teen driving insurance or what type of vehicle is best for your teen driver? “Insurance & Vehicle Considerations” gives you answers to insurance questions (including tips on how to save money), plus five things to look for when car shopping for a teen driver. “Driver Education” will put you on the path to locate the right driving school, one that focuses on teaching safe driving techniques to teen drivers.

A great tip in “Key Points for Parents” is to create a teen driving agreement on which you and your teen can agree. Plus, teen driving and supervised driving tips in the “Teen’s Role” section help your son or daughter prepare to be a responsible, safe driver.

With AAA as your backseat driver, you’re off to a great start.